Network Alliances


Network Alliances


Nexus participates in many network alliances in Melbourne and state wide. The groups are run as a collaboration between all members. To learn more about any of the networks and to become involved send an email to Nexus.


BUDDYS - Building Up Dual Diagnosis in Youth Services. Contact - Ange Wallace.

Building Up Dual Diagnosis in Youth Services (BUDDYS) is a statewide collaboration of metropolitan and regional Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative (VDDI) Senior Youth Clinicians and Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative (HYDDI) clinicians. The group meets monthly to review current practice issues, develop and promote youth dual diagnosis resources, enhance collaborative cross-sectoral relationship building and run events such as the bi-annual forum.


BUDDHAS - Building Up Dual Diagnosis in Holistic Aged Services. Contact - Kah-Seong Loke.

Building Up Dual Diagnosis in Holistic Aged Services (BUDDHAS) aims to provide direction in the development of dual diagnosis service delivery to aged persons services in Victoria.


NEDDY - North East Dual Diagnosis Youth. Contact - Simon Kroes.

North East Dual Diagnosis Youth (NEDDY) group meet 10 times a year, once a month. The meetings run for 90 minutes. The purpose is to share and develop practice wisdom.


Boroondara Alliance. Contact - Mirella Rao.


YMHA - The Yarra Mental Health Alliance. Contact - Mirella Rao.

The Yarra Mental Health Alliance (YMHA) meets on the first Tuesday of the month and is for organisations committed to improving outcomes for people with mental health issues living within or with links to the City of Yarra, through improved coordination and collaboration of service provision based on recovery principles.


NERDD - North East Region Dual Diagnosis. Contact - Simon Kroes.


VDDI - Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative. Contact - Chris Hynan.

The Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative (VDDI) is a cross-sector (Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health Community Support and Clinical Mental Health) initiative funded by the Victorian Department of Health to contribute to the further development of mental health and drug and alcohol clinicians, agencies and sector’s capacity to recognise and respond effectively to people with co-occurring mental health and substance use concerns (dual diagnosis).


NEMHSCA - North East Mental Health Service Coordination Alliance. Contact - Sarah Officer

NEMHSCA is an inter-organisational collaborative platform of representatives from across the North East metropolitan region. NEMHSCA is a platform that advocates, plans and shapes better health and wellbeing service delivery; including improving and enhancing service coordination and integration in the North East metropolitan region of Victoria. The role of NEMHSCA is to promote the development, implementation and monitoring of an integrated multi sector service coordination framework that harnesses the knowledge, experience and practice wisdom of representatives from across the North East metropolitan region.