Submissions to Victoria's Mental Health Royal Commission                    news updated 19th July 2019

Better Outcomes: Towards a Victorian Complexity-Capable Service System, Gary Croton

Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative submission


Publication of research paper                                                                   news updated 19th July 2019

Dual diagnosis assessment: A case study implementing the reasons for use package to engage a marginalised service user

Simon Kroes, Kevan Myers, Sarah Officer, Sarah O’Connor & Melissa Petrakis


Training Calendar 

News updated 28th May 2019

The 2019 Semester 2 Nexus Training Calendar is now available. Click to view.


Information Session For Families and Carers 

News updated 28th May 2019

The session includes:

  • Introduction to dual diagnosis (Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol) and the impact on families and carers
  • Communicating with treating teams using 'Carers Can Ask' tool
  • Family and carers resources

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