'Carers Can Ask' Resource Launch                                                       news updated 10th October 2019

The 'Carers Can Ask' resource is having its official launch during Carers Week at the Tandem Carers Conference on Tuesday 15th October.  We encourage carers and clinicians to register for the Tandem Conference and participate in the launch of the 'Carers Can Ask' resource.

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Queensland University of Technology                                                  news updated 10th October 2019

On the 9th October Melissa Petrakis, Kevan Myers and Simon Kroes presented the Reasons for Use Package at The Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.



MARC Symposium                                                                               news updated 3rd September 2019

Melissa Petrakis, Kevan Myers and Simon Kroes presented a poster about the Reasons for Use Package at the inaugural Monash Addiction Research Centre symposium, August 2019, at the Caulfield Campus of Monash University.



2019 SVHA Innovation & Excellence Awards                                         news updated 10th October 2019

The Nexus RFUP project is a finalist in the 2019 SVHA Innovation & Excellence Awards.

CEO Message

RFUP Video


Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health                        news updated 30th August 2019

Nexus team leader Kevan Myers recently presented the Reasons For Use Package research results at the 9th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held at the University of York, UK, from 22nd to 26th July 2019. The connections made at the conference will provide another platform for future collaborations to roll out the RFUP internationally.

Kevan presenting in York


Submissions to Victoria's Mental Health Royal Commission                    news updated 19th July 2019

Better Outcomes: Towards a Victorian Complexity-Capable Service System, Gary Croton

Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative submission


Publication of research paper                                                                   news updated 19th July 2019

Dual diagnosis assessment: A case study implementing the reasons for use package to engage a marginalised service user

Simon Kroes, Kevan Myers, Sarah Officer, Sarah O’Connor & Melissa Petrakis


Training Calendar 

News updated 28th May 2019

The 2019 Semester 2 Nexus Training Calendar is now available. Click to view.


Information Session For Families and Carers 

News updated 28th May 2019

The session includes:

  • Introduction to dual diagnosis (Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol) and the impact on families and carers
  • Communicating with treating teams using 'Carers Can Ask' tool
  • Family and carers resources

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