At St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) we select the best possible candidates for internship in 2019 to work and learn with us.

The application process will allow potential candidates to learn more about our intern program and our Hospital, while also enabling us to select those who are best suited to working at SVHM.
In particular we are looking for prospective interns who:

  • Embody the values and culture of SVHM.
  • Are committed to providing high quality and safe patient-centered care
  • Work well in inter-professional teams.
  • Value the well-being of their colleagues, team and themselves, understand how attending to these needs can improve patient care.
  • Are motivated to learn, and develop their skills in knowledge in clinical medicine, research and teaching.
  • Are interested in further career development at SVHM.

Applications for 2019 internship at SVHM will OPEN 1 May 2018 online and CLOSE 1 June 2018. Late applications will not be considered.

Applicants short-listed for face-to-face interview will be notified by email.

Interviews will be conducted from 12 June to 22 June 2018.

Opportunities to meet us and discuss an internship at SVHM in 2019 include:

Medical Education

St. Vincent's has a strong commitment to supporting our junior medical staff navigate their training, and particularly this important transition from medical school to internship and beyond.

  • Each unit has a designated Supervisor who will meet with you regularly during your intern year to provide feedback and support.
  • There are also Supervisors for all the training programs. For interns and prevocational trainees, these will be the Prevocational Training Supervisors, Dr Genni Newnham and Dr Jennifer Weil. They will, along with the Medical Education Officer, Candice Quinlan, support you in your new role. Leading your orientation program, providing weekly targeted and protected intern education sessions, training in clinical and procedural skills, regular support and response to welfare concerns, advocacy where needed and opportunities for bi-directional feedback.
  • We are located at St Vincent’s Hospital's Education and Learning, 3rd floor of the Healy Building (Building C).
  • Orientation is compulsory for all SVHM interns, and is held over 3 days. It includes meeting our CEO and understanding the culture and values of our Hospital; and combines information sessions with a focus on interactive skill-based sessions including, Advanced Life Support, Airway Management, IV Insertion and Urinary Catheter Insertion to ensure you are confident and ready to start. Orientation finishes with a Shadow Day allowing new Interns to spend a shift in their new role, learning on the job with the outgoing Intern.

Junior Medical Workforce

The Medical Workforce Unit staff are also available to offer advice and support to junior medical staff, especially in relation to rosters and rotations. They also manage all employment related aspects for St. Vincent’s Hospital Junior Medical Staff.

Application Process

Application is online via St Vincent’s Workday program.

Applications open 1 May 2018 and close 1 June 2018Click here to apply.

You will need to register for the Computer Match with – PMCV Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria

You will be prompted to attach:

  • A cover letter, less than one page telling us why we should select you as one of our 2019 interns. Address your letter to Tim Martin, Manager Medical Workforce Unit, 172 Victoria Pde, East Melbourne
  • Your CV (the PMCV template is recommended and includes a photograph).

For Interstate Applicants only – you will need to include your CV and Academic Transcript together as 1 file  (Victorian candidates the results will be sent through directly from the Universities), your PMCV candidate ID number and 2 references (no additional are required by SVHM)

Short-listing Process for SVHM 2019 Internship
All SVHM clinical school applicants will be offered an interview.External applicants receive an offer of interview based on their Academic Transcript and CV and cover letter. Interviews consist of a 10 minute face-to-face interview with two members of SVHM senior medical staff. You will be advised about interviews via email invitation.


PMCV Computer Matching for 2019 Internship Positions
  • Like all Victorian intern positions, all our intern posts are allocated through the PMCV Intern Matching Service.
  • Internship eligibility and matching to all the hospitals in Victoria is governed by PMCV in conjunction with the Victorian Government funding body, Department of Health and Human Services.
  • To be eligible for Internship in Victoria you must be a graduate of a Victorian University or a Victorian permanent resident. Graduates of interstate Universities or full-fee paying Victorian graduates can still apply for a limited number of places. Refer to PMCV guidelines and website for full details.

If you have any queries about the application process that have not been answered here, please contact the Junior Medical Workforce Unit on (03) 9231 1876.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What if I’m offered an interview, but can’t attend in person? We are only able to interview within the timeframe provided because of the matching requirements. Telephone interviews can be offered if required and will not place you at any disadvantage 
What type of questions will be asked at interview?  A selection of general and clinical questions, with an opportunity for you to ask questions provided.
What are the potential intern rotations in 2019? Refer to the list below 
If I am successful, how will my rotation preference allocation be processed? Once you are confirmed as a 2019 intern, you will be provided with the Master Intern Roster. You will also be provided with a preference form to complete and return to Junior Medical Workforce Unit. We do our best to accommodate requests and preferences, within the frame of ensuring you complete the core elements of training required to achieve General Registration and ensure staffing to support optimal patient care. 
I completed training at another Hospital – would this affect my ability for selection? No – many of our SVHM doctors undertook their training at other clinical schools. 
I am an Interstate applicant – what are the chances of securing a position at SVHM? The PMCV dictates that there are 3 priority Groups – with Interstate being Priority Group 3.
SVHM will consider all applications with the match determining the final outcome.
What if I am not successful in obtaining an interview / or 2019 internship at SVHM?

Please consider re-applying for HMO positions in subsequent years. 

I am a Defence Employee – how should I identify this in my application? At your interview please indicate to the panel that you are a Defence employee.

Intern Rotations

Intern Rotations for 2019

A/L (Annual Leave) Non-Core
Anaesthetics Non-Core
Emergency Core
Cardiology Core
General Medicine Core
GEM Non-core
Acute Geriatric unit Core
Oncology Core
Rehabilitation Non-Core
Renal Non-Core
Respiratory Core
Palliative Care/Caritas – Fitzroy Non-Core
Stokes Core
Nights Non-Core
Cardiothoracics Core
Colorectal Core
DOS - Dept of Surgery Core
Hepatobiliary/Upper GI Core
Plastics Core
External Rotations  
Hamilton General Medicine Core
Hamilton Surgery Core
Warrnambool General Medicine Core
Warrnambool Surgery Core
Werribee Psychiatry Core
Werribee Geriatrics Non-Core
Werribee Palliative Care Core
Werribee Emergency/SSU Core
Werribee Surgery Core
Swan Hill Surgery Core
Swan Hill Emergency Core
Royal Children’s General Surgery/SSU Core
Royal Children’s - General Medicine/SSU Core

Note that accommodation will be provided for the rural rotations (Warrnambool, Hamilton & Swan Hill) but Werribee Mercy is not deemed a rural rotation, hence no accommodation is available.

St Vincent's Intern Program