All Scholarship Recipients

There have been some remarkable student electives with wonderful experiences and learning shared.

A full list of Scholarship Recipients since inception is reproduced below with their reports and reflections on their experiences. 

Year Recipient Country of Elective  Reports and Articles
 2019.2 Jameson Trainor
Solomon Islands Report
 2019.2 Batsho Mandelbe
Fiji Report
 2019.2 Rebekah Kwa Samoa Report
 2019.1 Angus McCormak Vanuatu Report
 2019.1 Andrew Ngan Vanuatu Report
 2018.2 Nakul Chaudhry Fiji  Report
  2018.2 Lucy Davidson Vanuatu Report
  2018.2 Kimberley Anne Durber Vanuatu Report
  2018.2 Sam Grace PNG Report
 2018.2 Ilona Jakab Fiji Report
 2018.2 Marney Bon Vanuatu Report
 2018.2 Tessa Marshall Fiji Report
 2018.2 Jason Ratcliffe Timor Leste  Report
2018.1 Amy Aitken Cook Islands  Report
2018.1 Harley Owens PNG Report
2018.1 Evan Mcrobb PNG Report
2018.1 Sophia Henderson Vanuatu Report
2018.1 Jennifer Xu Vanuatu Report
2018.1 Sarika Suresh Vanuatu Report
2017 Tasmyn Sollers Fiji Report
2017 Alexandra Umbers Timor Leste Report - "Fixed and Dilated" 
2016 Joshua Szanyi Fiji Report
2016 Jordyn Dangen Fiji Report
2016 Matthew Peverelle Vanuatu Report
2016 Douglas Tjandra Vanuatu Report
2016 Michael Woodburn Cook Islands Report
2016 Elise Cannan Fiji Report
2016 Dora Yisi Huang PNG Report
2016 Sophia Hill Solomon Islands Report
2016 Claire Leong Tonga Report
2016 Brendan Kite Vanuatu Report
2015 Jessica Shipley Samoa Report
2015 Claire Lissaman Tonga Report
2014 Maya Edgerton Bachman Samoa Report
2012 Devorah Heymann Cook Islands Report
2012 James Wolfe Cook Islands Report
2012 Katerina Michailidis Cook Islands Report
2012 Bharathy Gunasekaran PNG Report
2012 Anna Fleming PNG Report
2012 Alyce Wilson Samoa Report
2012 Charles Li Solomon Islands Report
2011 Janan Chanranath PNG Report, Photos
2011 Brian Yue Samoa Report
2011 Grace Chan Samoa Report
2011 Jenny Tran Samoa Report
2011 Richard Liu Samoa Report
2011 Jeremy Gale Vanuatu Report, Photos
2010 Jacinta Carty Vanuatu Report
2010 Kasia Michalak Vanuatu Report, Article
2010 Kathryn Shepherd Vanuatu Report
2009 Katrina Hannan Samoa

"Only in Samoa", Report

2009 Rami Subhi Solomon Islands Report