The St Vincent’s Pacific Health Fund provides financial support for a wide variety of projects and activities to improve health care and medical education resources in the Pacific Region.

Pacific Health Fund founder Andrew Dent was an inspiration and tireless advocate in the field of International Medicine.  Today, the Fund is managed by volunteers who have experience and interest in PNG and the Pacific Islands, administered by the St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation and financed by donations. The Fund is keen to receive applications for grants to provide support in these areas within or near the Pacific region. Grants may be awarded to individuals, groups, or organizations whose proposal fulfils the aims of the Fund. Read more about the Pacific Health Fund background, objectives and strategies here.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year, and will be considered at Committee meetings held quarterly.


The Fund has assisted in:

  • providing much-needed equipment to hospitals and clinics
  • supporting clinical exchange programs for health workers
  • supporting the publication of educational resources and training courses
  • providing grants and scholarships to institutions and individuals for specific health projects.

Read more about some of our successful grants here