The Andrew Dent Scholarship is offered each year to health sector students who need support to undertake volunteer work, electives or study trips that aid people in the Pacific Region. The scholarship is open to individual students in the health sector to help support volunteer work, student electives and study trips within the Pacific Islands region. It is hoped that an experience of working and living in the Pacific as a student will lead to a life-long professional and personal link with the region which will benefit both the individual student and the Pacific Islanders they encounter.  

Applications are considered biannually  closing on March 31 and October 31 every year. If you are interested in applying for a Pacific Health Fund Scholarship download an application from from bottom of page. For more information contact Dr Michael Augello on (03) 9231 4388 or email

Since 2008, over 50 scholarships have been granted. Their reports always make for interesting reading. Some recent reports are included below. 

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2016 Scholarships

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