Palliative Day Care

What is Palliative Day Care?

The Palliative Day Care program provides respite during the day for people who are living in the community with a progressive life-threatening illness, but are well enough to enjoy a few hours away from home. Experienced palliative care nurses and trained volunteers provide clients with enjoyment and social stimulation. The Palliative Day Care also supports the families of clients by providing them with a break from their role as carers, allowing them to continue with work, social activities or hobbies.

The Palliative Day Care has been part of St Vincent's since 1999 and is located at Caritas Christi Hospice in Kew, overlooking lush and natural gardens with wide-ranging views to the old Kew Cottages. It is open to clients from 10am to 3pm on Wednesday and Thursday. A gold coin donation would be appreciated for each visit.



Palliative Day Care offers a range of activities for clients, including:

  • massage
  • music
  • art
  • physiotherapy
  • games
  • celebrations
  • pet therapy
  • gardening
  • guest speakers
  • discussion groups

As patients’ energy levels can vary, the activities are gentle and optional and reclining chairs are available for those who may just like to rest.


Health professionals, family, friends and patients are welcome to phone the admission coordinators on (03) 9231 5000 or fax on (03) 9231 5666  to make an enquiry about the program. The referral tool for health professionals is the SCTT which can be faxed or emailed on request.