Caritas Christi Hospice, Kew


Caritas Christi is located at 104 Studley Park Road in Kew. Patients are admitted for varying reasons including symptom management, respite, restorative care, discharge planning and end of life care. Patients may be transferred from inpatient units within St Vincent’s Hospital or other hospitals, or be admitted directly from home.

Caritas Christi comprises of twenty dedicated palliative care single bed rooms. Every room provides a spacious private area for patients with a number of shared public areas. Each room is well equipped with Wi-Fi, a television and a private bathroom. Caritas Christi Hospice is surrounded by beautiful gardens and easily accessible courtyards for patients and families to enjoy. There are also kitchen facilities and lounge areas available for patients, families and carers.

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The Caritas Christi team consists of specialist palliative care physicians, a registrar, a junior doctor and nurses dedicated to caring for patients with palliative care needs. Together they provide 24 hour nursing and medical care. In addition to this there is a multidisciplinary team of staff, which includes social workers, pastoral care workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dieticians, podiatrists, art therapists and music therapists. As St Vincent’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, Caritas Christi Hospice provides important learning opportunities for students from all vocations, including nursing, medicine and allied health. All students are supervised by an appropriate senior professional at all times.

Mass services are held regularly in a dedicated chapel where both patients, families, carers and staff are welcome to attend. Pathology and radiology services, and specialist consultation by other hospital departments are located at the Fitzroy campus but are available for patients as required.

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Caritas Christi Hospice

104 Studley Park Road

Tel: (03) 9056 1050 

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