How Does STV Select its Junior Medical Staff

Cover Letter:

  • Needs to indicate why you would like to work at St Vincent’s Hospital – 1 page only


Look for well laid out CV that highlights your talents –leadership positions, summarise any top scoring subjects – Please use PMCV template

Referee Reports:

  • Downloaded from the PMCV website
  • Referees – 2 (refer to the PMCV website for referee guidelines)
  • No personal or Non-clinical reference required


  • The Interview process provides the opportunity to meet the Individuals who are interested in working at St. Vincent’s Hospital. You will be asked questions to seek further information on what we can offer you and whether you will fit the culture of our Organisation
  • Candidates will be shortlisted, and interview dates and times will be organized for you to attend.
  • You will be interviewed by A/Prof.Wilma Beswick – Physician Training Supervisor, also in attendance will be a member of the Medical Workforce HR Team.
  • Interviews will be approx. 15 minutes long. 


  • Assessment of academic achievements
  • Interview
  • Written application
  • References and reasons for wanting to come to St Vincent’s