How to Apply

6.1 How to apply

At St Vincent's Hospital, we are looking for prospective Interns who:

  • Embody the values and culture of SVHM.
  • Are committed to providing high quality and safe patient-centred care.
  • Work well in inter-professional teams.
  • Value the well-being of their colleagues, team and themselves, and understand how attending to these needs can improve patient care.
  • Are motivated to learn, and develop their skills in knowledge in clinical medicine, research and teaching.
  • Are interested in further career development at SVHM.

Internship recruitment is completed through the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV), Allocation and Placement Service (APS). Please visit their website for further details here.  

Application Opening  and Closing Dates

All dates are set by the PMCV and a detailed calendar of the application process can be found on their website.

The application process will open on Monday 6 May and close on Thursday 6 June, 2024.

Intern Match Eligibility

PMCV’s eligibility criteria have recently changed. Please visit the PMCV website for a full list of eligibility criteria. SVHM considers all applications, regardless of your category. If you have questions regarding the new eligibility criteria, please contact the allocations team at PMCV at

Applying to SVHM

  1. You will need to apply to the Allocation and Placement Service through the PMCV website. From here you will be provided with your PMCV Candidate ID Number. 
  2. Apply directly to St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne through Workday. You will need to enter your PMCV Candidate ID Number to your application to progress. 
  3. Please CLICK HERE to apply for Pre-Vocational Doctor Year 1 (Intern) - 2025
  4. For First Nations Candidates, please CLICK HERE to apply for Pre-Vocational Doctor Year 1 (Intern) - 2025

Cover Letter

Please address your cover letter to Dr Brendan Morrissey, Supervisor of Intern Training. Your cover letter should be limited to one page (approximately 400 words). 

  • How you will add value to the team at SVHM.
  • Why you are passionate about working for SVHM.
  • What makes you stand out.


Your CV should:

  • Be submitted in the standardised PMCV template.
  • Be limited to 4-6 pages.
  • Include only the most relevant information that you feel will make your application stand out.
  • Be submitted together with you cover letter one merged document (best submitted as a PDF).

Questions or queries about your application or editing your application on Workday, please email:

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