Student Teaching

The Social Work Department offers an innovative student program designed to provide a stimulating and supportive environment for learning and development. The Department is affiliated with the Social Work Department, Melbourne School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne, where a formal link was established in 1992. Placements are also offered to the School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University.

The student unit has provided an average of 10 placements per year since 1992. Placements are offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Fieldwork placements are undertaken across all campuses in a variety of specialities (link):

  • General & Special Medicine & Surgery
  • Cancer Services & Palliative Care
  • Aged Care & Rehabilitation
  • Addiction Medicine

An enriched learning environment is offered by utilising the expertise within the department & organisation to expose students to the Social work role in health care.  


The Social Work Department also participates in international student exchanges. Several staff members have spent time in Singapore, USA and the UK and the department has also welcomed academics, workers and students from international universities and hospitals.

Additionally, several social workers contribute to curriculum development and academic teaching in the Melbourne School of Health Science, University of Melbourne.