Medical Education

St. Vincent's has a strong commitment to supporting our junior medical staff navigate their training, and particularly this important transition from medical school to internship and beyond.

  • Each unit has a designated Supervisor who will meet with you regularly during your intern year to provide feedback and support.
  • There are also Supervisors for all the training programs. For interns and prevocational trainees, these will be the Prevocational Training Supervisors, Dr Neil Cunningham and Dr Jennifer Weil. They will, along with the Medical Education Officer, Candice Quinlan, support you in your new role. Leading your orientation program, providing weekly targeted and protected intern education sessions, training in clinical and procedural skills, regular support and response to welfare concerns, advocacy where needed and opportunities for bi-directional feedback.
  • Medical Education is located in the St Vincent’s Hospital Clinical Education and Simulation Centre, on the 3rd floor of the Healy Building (Building C).
  • Orientation is compulsory for all SVHM interns, and is held over 3 days. It includes meeting our CEO and understanding the culture and values of our Hospital; and combines information sessions with a focus on interactive skill-based sessions including, Advanced Life Support, Airway Management, IV Insertion and Urinary Catheter Insertion to ensure you are confident and ready to start. Orientation finishes with a Shadow Day allowing new Interns to spend a shift in their new role, learning on the job with the outgoing Intern.