Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What if I’m offered an interview, but can’t attend in person? We are only able to interview within the timeframe provided because of the matching requirements. Telephone interviews can be offered if required and will not place you at any disadvantage 
What type of questions will be asked at interview?  A selection of general and clinical questions, with an opportunity for you to ask questions provided.
What are the potential intern rotations in 2019? Refer to the list below 
If I am successful, how will my rotation preference allocation be processed? Once you are confirmed as a 2019 intern, you will be provided with the Master Intern Roster. You will also be provided with a preference form to complete and return to Junior Medical Workforce Unit. We do our best to accommodate requests and preferences, within the frame of ensuring you complete the core elements of training required to achieve General Registration and ensure staffing to support optimal patient care. 
I completed training at another Hospital – would this affect my ability for selection? No – many of our SVHM doctors undertook their training at other clinical schools. 
I am an Interstate applicant – what are the chances of securing a position at SVHM? The PMCV dictates that there are 3 priority Groups – with Interstate being Priority Group 3.
SVHM will consider all applications with the match determining the final outcome.
What if I am not successful in obtaining an interview / or 2019 internship at SVHM?

Please consider re-applying for HMO positions in subsequent years. 

I am a Defence Employee – how should I identify this in my application? At your interview please indicate to the panel that you are a Defence employee.