Collaboration gives public patients first access to high-tech robotic surgery

St Vincent’s is again at the cutting edge of the next advances in surgery, performing the first robotic prostate surgery on a public patient. 

Radical urology surgery was successfully performed by the Da Vinci Surgical robot system, under the expert supervision of St Vincent's surgeons Mr Jeremy Goad, Mr Owen Niall and Mr Lih-Ming Wong have successfully performed robotic urology surgery on Victoria’s first public patent, using the Da Vinci surgical robot system located within St Vincent’s Private Hospital. 

The Da Vinci Robot creates a kind of GPS system for the procedure, assisting the surgeon to stay within the pre-programmed route of the surgical area. The system has been shown to reduce post-operative pain and provide quicker recovery for patients due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.

The new robots are a part of striving for something greater in clinical and research excellence at St Vincent's and providing patients with the best clinical outcomes. This is a great example of collaboration and a fantastic opportunity for an ongoing partnership between St Vincent’s Private and Public hospital.

To view a video on the Da Vinci System, click here.