8.1 FAQ

How does SVHM score our applications?

Internship applications are scored by assessing their CV, cover letter, two clinical references and review of interview.

How many Priority 2 or 3 applicants to SVHM have?

Each year the number of Priority 2 or 3 applicants that SVHM have is determined by the PMCV. We are unsure of how many positions we will have in advance. Please rest assured that we review ALL applications, regardless of your priority group. Historically we have had anywhere from 2 – 6 Interns from these Priority groups.

Does SVHM require my Academic Transcript or GPA?

No, SVHM do not need either your Academic Transcript or GPA for your application. Your University marks are not used as part of our recruitment assessment.

Does SVHM require additional personal References?

No, SVHM do not require you to submit any references (personal or clinical) in addition to those that are already asked for by the PMCV.

Does SVHM have an EMR?

Currently SVHM is not exclusively using an EMR. This is due to be implemented in the next few years. SVHM use a hybrid of both paper based and electronic systems. For example, progress notes and medication charts are paper based, but pathology requests and outpatient clinic notes are electronic.

Does SVHM pay overtime?

At SVHM we have a strong culture and belief that you should be paid for every hour of everyday work that you do. We have a centralised overtime claiming system that does not require additional unit signatures for approval.

Does SVHM provide accommodation on Rural rotation?

Yes, you are provided with accommodation whilst on a rural rotation (Warrnambool, Swan Hill or Hamilton rotations as an Intern). These are fully equipped and in close proximity to the Hospital.

Do you have onsite parking at SVHM?

Yes, we have 2 x carparks available for hospital staff which are both within short walking distance. Parking is permit-based and heavily subsidised to ~ $12/day. Please note, permit applications may on occasion require to be wait-listed in periods of high demand. SVHM has a fantastic public transport network available with tram, train and bus stations all located within a 5 minute walk to the Hospital.

What jobs/streams/positions do you offer after Internship?

SVHM has a high retention rate and over 90% of our Interns stay on as PGY2 and beyond. We offer a number of streams and opportunities. Click HERE for more information, or visit the Medical Careers page on our website.

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