How to apply

Working at St Vincent’s

St Vincent’s has a strong reputation and is committed to supporting and fostering postgraduate training.

St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) is a level 3 hospital accredited by the RACP for 3 years of basic training.

The rosters in the early postgraduate years are designed to provide a wide exposure to general and specialty medicine to assist trainees in making career pathway decisions. SVHM has an exceptional reputation for success in the RACP examinations and offers a structured and well supported training program to ensure the success of trainees.

What do we look for in a potential St Vincent’s employee?

An ideal candidate is one who expresses and demonstrates a desire to train at St Vincent’s, as well as demonstrates academic, clinical and personal traits that St Vincent’s would find desirable in a potential employee/trainee. We look for good people as well as potentially good clinicians. We believe the more developed, mature and rounded a trainee is, the better this will be for our organisation.

Attributes include:

  • Ability to work in a team
  • A holistic approach to patient care
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Good theoretical Knowledge
  • Evidence of interest in academic pursuits including research

Consistency in all or strength in some will enable potential candidates to meet St Vincent’s selection criteria

All our HMO positions are subject to the state-wide computer matching process, conducted by the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV). All HMO posts are allocated in Victoria through this HMO Matching HMO eligibility and matching to all the hospitals in Victoria is governed by PMCV in conjunction with the Victorian Government funding body, Department of Health. Refer to PMCV guidelines and website for full details