Your rights & responsibilities

The hospital has a responsibility to:   

  • provide you with care in accordance with our values of compassion, justice, human dignity, excellence and unity
  • give you a clear explanation of your condition, problem or disease
  • enable you to participate fully in decisions made about your treatment and care
  • provide you with access to the services of a professional interpreter or Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer, if relevant
  • obtain your informed consent before any treatment begins (except in emergencies)
  • ensure confidentiality about your care in hospital unless the law requires such information be given to some person or authority
  • respond as promptly as possible to any need or concern you may have

Each patient or his/her representative has a responsibility to:

  • provide information relating to your health including past illnesses, stays in hospital and medications
  • cooperate with hospital personnel and ask questions if directions and procedures are not understood
  • tell us if you require the service of an interpreter or Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer
  • follow the prescribed treatment or inform us if you choose not to
  • be considerate of other patients in limiting noise and the number of visitors
  • keep appointments or advise staff if an appointment needs to be changed
  • let hospital staff know if your health changes whilst in our care
  • treat staff with appropriate courtesy and respect at all times

In some areas of St Vincent’s, such as the Mental Health Service, patients have additional rights and responsibilities. Staff in these areas will provide you with this information.