Concession Parking

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne makes a number of provisions to meet  the needs of our patients and carers. Car parking concession tickets are available for eligible patients and carers.

Pension Card Holders

Patients/ carers possessing a valid, in-date Federal Government Concession card with the patient or visitor name listed on the card are eligible for the concession parking. Patient or carer is to present their parking ticket along with pension card to the Car Park Office to obtain the concession parking rate.

Patients / Carers suffering Financial/ social hardship related to hospitalisation

Concession parking is available to:

  • Patients experiencing prolonged periods of hospitalisation (20+) days and their carers to assist to mitigate the financial burden.
  • The main carer if they are experiencing significant additional expenses related to hospitalisation/visits (e.g.: accommodation costs, travel costs).

Patients attending Cancer Centre / Dialysis Unit for multiple treatments

Patients attending for multiple treatments (2+) times per week can also access concession parking or free parking if accessing the Cancer Centre Parking Bays. Contact the Nurse Unit Manager in these treatment areas for information.

The Nurse Unit Manager or Social Worker can assist with information about concession and free parking.

St Vincent’s also offers a five day discounted parking ticket to assist patients and visitors attending the sites multiple days in a row.  The ticket will enable the patient / visitor to enter multiple times over 5 days.  Customers are to take their entry ticket to the car park office to purchase the upgraded five day pass.