2022 VDDS WEBINAR Registration

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Assessment of mental illness in people with an Intellectual Disability

Tuesday 1st February 12.30-1.30pm

Tuesday 17th May 12.30-1.30pm

Tuesday 30th August 12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


ADHD in Developmental Disorders

Tuesday 22nd March 12.30-1.30pm

Tuesday 5th July 12.30-1.30pm

Tuesday 18th October 12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


Autism and comorbid mental disorders.

Tuesday 15th March       12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 28th June   12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 11th October 12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


Borderline Personality Disorders in people with an Intellectual Disability

Tuesday 22nd February  12.30-1.30pm 

         Tuesday 7th June           12.30-1.30pm   

  Tuesday 20th September  12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


Challenging Behaviour                   

Tuesday 29th March    12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 12th July 12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 25th October 12.30-1.30pm   REGISER HERE


Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Tuesday 1st March  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 14th June  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 27th September  12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


Management of Autistic Spectrum Disorder -participants should have a basic understanding of autism to get the most out of this webinar

Tuesday 8th March  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 21st June  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 4th October  12.30-1.30pm REGISTER HERE


Prescribing medication to people with intellectual disability

Tuesday 5th April  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 19th July 12.30-1.30pm 

  Tuesday 8th November   12.30-1.30pm  REGISTER HERE


Systemic, legal and ethical issues management of mental illness in people with intellectual disability

Tuesday 15th February  12.30-1.30pm

  Monday 31st May 12.30-1.30pm 

  Tuesday 13th September 12.30-1.30pm  REGISTER HERE


Treatment of mental illness in people with Intellectual Disability

Tuesday 8th February  12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 24th May 12.30-1.30pm 

  Tuesday 6th September 12.30-1.30pm  REGISTER HERE


VDDS Case Presentation-The VDDS will present a case that illustrates some of the difficulties in the assessment and management of people with intellectual disability.

Tuesday 12th April 12.30-1.30pm

  Tuesday 26th July  12.30-1.30pm  REGISTER HERE

  Tuesday 15th November 12.30-1.30pm  REGISTER HERE