Your care and safety are our top priority. Our responsibility is to offer you high quality healthcare in a safe environment. We use the best medical evidence to plan and deliver your treatment. We also use a range of tools to assess and minimise the risks to your health.

We encourage you to be actively involved in your own healthcare. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell us how you’re feeling, what you need and what you’re concerned about – we want to hear from you.  


St Vincent's has a range of room sizes. Single rooms are mainly used for the very sickest patients, so it would be uncommon for you to have a room for yourself. Most rooms are two-bed or four-bed wards. Due to high occupancy at the hospital, it may be necessary for you to stay in a mixed-sex ward. We ask that you understand this necessity.


The St Vincent's on campus MediHotel provides accommodation to medically suitable guests before or after treatments, procedures and investigations in hospital.

Unlike a regular hospital ward, the MediHotel only accepts patients with low nursing needs that are able to look after themselves (e.g. showering and dressing). MediHotel patients also take responsibility for their own medication and health issues and there is a nurse on duty at all times.

Staff will talk to you about the MediHotel, if they think it might be necessary for you. A referral needs to be made by a St Vincent's doctor or liaison nurse. 

Your Personal Items

To prevent loss of belongings it's a good idea to only bring essential items that you need for your stay. We suggest that you clearly label your belongings with your full name.

If you are admitted via the Emergency Department, we advise that you arrange to have valuables taken home. Please ask your nurse to secure them in a safe until you can make arrangements.

If you wear dentures, please ask one of the nursing team to supply you with a labelled denture cup for storage. We recommend that you do not wrap dentures in tissue or place them under a pillow, as your dentures may get lost or damaged. 

Aboriginal Liaison Services

Please visit the Aboriginal Health Unit page.


About my meals

Meals are prepared fresh each day. Our menu has been analysed for its nutritional content by St Vincent's Food Services Dietician, and has been designed according to the 'Nutrition Standards for Menu Items in Victorian Hospitals and Residential Aged Care Facilities' as published by the Department of Human Services Victoria.

When is my meal served?

Breakfast is normally served between 7 - 8am, lunch between 11.30am -12.30pm and dinner between 5 - 6pm.

Tea and coffee

For your convenience, tea and coffee making facilities are available in every Care Centre. A staff member will tell you where the kitchen is located.

Bringing in food

St Vincent's cannot accept responsibility for food that is prepared outside the hospital and bought in for patients by relatives or other visitors.

Patients, relatives and visitors are welcome to use storage and reheating facilities in the kitchens on each floor. Perishable food brought into the hospital must be consumed immediately or it will be discarded.

For more information, please ask for a copy of the brochure titled 'Can I bring food for patients?' or click here to read more about bringing in food.

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