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A Profession’s Pathway

In 2003 the St Vincent’s Graduate Nurses Association commissioned historian Mary Sheehan to research and write a book about the history and development of the profession of nursing at St Vincent’s Melbourne, from the time when the hospital first commenced as a training school in 1893 up to the present.

Mary, herself a graduate of the hospital in the 1960s, has written a truly wonderful story that incorporates the more serious side of training and senior personalities, alongside ‘down to earth’ recollections and photographs.

Included in the pages are contributions from many past nurses who have long memories of rules and techniques, along with a great sense of the fun and camaraderie that they experienced in their training days.

Although today’s society and the impact of modern technology continues to see improved treatment for injury and disease, each individual patient still requires professional efficient care, matched with kindness and consideration – aspects of nursing learned during training at St Vincent’s and proudly practised by graduates in their careers, working in countries throughout the world.

The maiden name of every nurse who trained at the hospital is listed in the book in order of years, along with a number of photos provided by former trainees and the hospital archives. A Profession’s Pathway is a well written history that is most enjoyable to read. It is a book that every graduate from St Vincent’s will want to own and keep as a reminder of both good and trying times, and of the contributions we all made.

Copies can be purchased for $39 each (plus $10 postage) by emailing Helen Lauritz at or by calling Robyn Wignall on 0408 376 187. This book is also available to buy from the St Vincent's Foundation online store.


You’ll always get work

Edited by Wendy Fleming and Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper

In March 2006 at Mt Buller Chalet in Victoria, 12 members of the March ’56 PTS celebrated 50 years since they first met. At some time during the weekend the group came up with the idea of recording their life stories, setting them all on a project, which in November 2009 culminated in the publishing of a small booklet titled 'You’ll always get work'.


During the process, they all came to realise just how little they knew of each others’ life journeys. So often they heard ‘I didn’t know you did that...’ as the various experiences and photographs were shared. Thirteen of the original class contributed to the book which is dedicated to Regina Jones who died early in the project, and to Judy Henry who died in 2001.
Although at times everyone felt daunted by the undertaking, when Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper offered her editorial services, they were confident of a professional product. Snap Printing in Heidelberg and Brougham Press ensured a polished finish.

Each contributor’s story is arranged in four sections – early childhood, training days, working and family, and their life today. Some tales are poignant, others amusing. The March ’56 PTS hopes readers enjoy following their lives, as they move from the restrictive environment of nurse training, into work and family and up to the present day.


You can purchase your copy of 'You’ll always get work' for $20 (plus postage) by emailing Wendy Fleming on or call Jan Jelleff on 0430 203 503. All proceeds from sale of the book go to the St Vincent’s Cancer Centre.