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$750,000 will cover Principal Investigator and Research Assistant salaries, consumables and equipment for three years.

Suggested sponsorship packages:

  1. $100,000 package towards salary, equipment and consumables
  2. $50,000 package towards salary, equipment and consumables
  3. $10,000 package towards salary, equipment and consumables
  4. Any contribution is welcome and will help achieve the aims of this project.


Details of the Principal Investigators and staff working directly on the project


Principal Investigator Dr Ruth MacKinnon (Senior Research Fellow, Victorian Cancer Cytogenetics Service)

Assoc Prof Lynda Campbell (Director, Victorian Cancer Cytogenetics Service)


Graduate Research Assistant

Any funds in excess of this budget will be used to add to the research team and accelerate this research, and will also allow us to offer graduate student stipends and research experience for undergraduates.

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The funding of this research is imperative to pursue the increasing benefits and findings of Dr MacKinnon’s work to date.

We thank our past and current sponsors for supporting this research.