Hospital in the Home (St Vincent's at Home)


Established by the Sisters of Charity as a domiciliary nursing service in 1959, St Vincent's at Home aims to provide continuity of care from hospital to home.


The service provides nursing care to support the patient within the home, to promote independence and prevent admission to residential care. Nursing services provided include:

  • Medication education
  • Wound care
  • Diabetes management

Personal care workers, employed by local councils, now attend most hygiene assistance. The patient pays for all medication and supplies required as well as a small visit fee for this service.

Hospital in the Home (HITH)

HITH provides acute nursing care, medical review and some allied healthcare, which would otherwise require inpatient admission to hospital.  


St Vincent's remains medically accountable for the HITH episode and treating GPs must be accredited with St Vincent’s. There is no cost to the patient and GPs can be formally involved in the program.



Contact HITH GP Liaison Nurse Tel: (03) 9231 3817 or (03) 9231 2211 and ask for pager number 607.

For GPs interested in becoming accredited with HITH please phone (03) 9231 3817.

The Cottage

The Cottage is a six-bed facility located adjacent to the main hospital at 80 Fitzroy St for the moderately unwell homeless client.


The definition of homeless may include those who have no fixed place of abode, living in rooming/boarding houses, crisis accommodation or those who are living in rented accommodation and who lack support.


Common reasons for admission to the Cottage are:

  • Administration of IV or oral antibiotics
  • Restorative care/nutritional support/post-op care
  • Wound care/pre and post preparation for radiological procedures
  • Education regarding medical/diabetes/asthma, etc


Admission criteria for the Cottage include:

  • Patient agrees to admission
  • Patient has been medically assessed and deemed medically stable to be safely monitored within the Cottage.


For more information please phone the Cottage Liaison Nurse on telephone (03) 9231 2211 and ask for pager number 240 on weekdays, and pager number 607 on weekends.


Tel: (03) 9231 3817 Mon to Fri 8.00am – 5.00pm

For urgent enquiries on the weekend call (03) 9231 2211 and ask for pager number 607