Healthcare Jobs in Port Phillip Prison - St Vincent's

St Vincent's Correctional Health Service (SVCHS) at Port Phillip Prison (PPP) provides primary health, mental health and secondary medical health care to prisoners at Port Phillip Prison, Truganina.

Port Phillip Prison is a maximum-security male prison accommodating approximately 1107 inmates and is situated 20 km West of Melbourne. SVCHS works collaboratively with Forensic Mental Health Services (FMHS) who provides secondary outpatient and inpatient care for those prisoners with a mental illness.

The model of care is centred on the prisoner’s needs and choices with a focus on integrated, coordinated, responsive and flexible service delivery. Outpatient health services offer a wide range of primary nursing roles, specialist nurse clinics and provides a 24 hour nursing response to patients requiring emergency healthcare and urgent medical attention.

SVCHS is expanding the current health services and there is a rare opportunity to expand our workforce across a variety of multi-disciplinary clinical, and non-clinical roles. The completion of a new state of the art ward, opens up roles the following areas, in both part time and full time capacity.

  • After Hours Coordinators

  • Associate Nurse Unit Managers

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Registered Nurses

  • Enrolled Nurses

  • Allied Health including Social Work, Physiotherapists, Occupations Therapists and Pharmacists

  • Support Staff including Administration, Cleaning, and Couriers.

Why Join us?

  • Make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged patients and play a vital role in providing care for a diverse range of patients, assisting to manage not only physical, but also mental health, whilst each individual continues to rehabilitate.

  • Real growth and job development opportunities exist, as well as ongoing support for professional development.

  • Work within a strong and unified team, who understand the challenges of working in a unique environment.

  • Be a part of a bigger team, the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, and St Vincent’s Health Australia Family.

  • Perks of working for St Vincent’s Correctional Health include free onsite parking, correctional health allowance, as well as the ability to salary package and have access to EAP, through SVHM.

How to Apply

We currently have multiple jobs opportunities available with either February or March starts dates in 2021.

If you are interesting in applying, please ‘click here’ and search for roles with “Correctional Health’ in the title.

Please note – the recruitment for roles will be staggered, so may not be advertised at the same time. If you are interested in a role as part of the correctional team, but there is no advertisements currently in your area of experience, please email your CV to so we can notify you when positions being actively recruited for.


What safety measures and processes are in place to make sure I am safe whilst I am working?

  • All staff are provided a radio whilst on shift, which has an emergency call button, that prompts a code, should it be necessary. A code is very prompt, and is the highest priority.

  • There are high number of security and trained correctional officers on duty at any given time, and their priority is safety throughout the Prison.

  • Correctional Officers are located in the ward and in the outpatient unit at all times.

What are the security requirements for me to be able to work at the Prison? Do I need to get any special checks?

  • All staff who work for St Vincent’s Hospital Australia are required to undergo and provide a National Criminal History Check upon commencement of employment. For high risk areas, which the Prison is included in, this check is required to be renewed every 3 years.

  • To begin working at the Prison, all employees are required to undergo an additional criminal history check, aligned with Prison and Corrections requirements.

Is there free parking on site?

Yes, there is free parking on site at the Prison.

For Nursing roles, what are the type of shifts will I be doing?

Shifts are varied, and nursing staff are expected to work on a rotating roster, and have a certain level of flexibility in their availability. There are morning and afternoon shifts available, as well as overnight shifts. The shifts are all 8 hour shifts apart from the overnight shifts that is 10 hours. The start and finish times of the shifts vary depending on the location you are working at.

The nursing contracts available at Port Phillip Prison can be both part time and full time in nature.

What award or EBA do I work under, how can I find out what my approximate rate of pay will be?

The EBA depends on the role you are performing, however in general, the EBA’s that Prison operates under are:

Nursing: Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Health Sector) (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020 or its successor

Allied Health: Allied Health Professionals (Victorian Public Health Sector) Single interest Enterprise Agreement 2016 - 2020

Doctors: Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 and Medical Practitioners Award 2020

Support Staff: Victorian Public Health Sector (Health Professionals, Health and Allied Services, Managers & Administrative Officers) Enterprise Agreement 2016 -2020

When I am working, where do I have my breaks? Is there a staff break area?

Port Phillip Prison does have dedicated staff areas, there isn’t a staff cafeteria, so all food and drink does need to be bought into the Prison.

What can and can’t I bring into the prison?

Staff can bring in a clear bag with food and drink. There are specific requirements on what can and cannot be bought into the Prison each shift, and details will be provided to all new staff as part of their orientation.

Do I just work in the one ward, or area at the Prison?

There is both an inpatient and an outpatient unit located at the Prison, and you may be allocated to either depending on your skill area, shift and roster.

Can I work in other facilities at SVHM?

There may be opportunities to work across other SVHM sites, and can be negotiated you’re your direct manager and HR, provided that your weekly hours remain reasonable and your substantive role is not compromised.

If you hold a dual certificate in mental health, there is a possibility to work across both areas.

What opportunities are there for Professional Development?

Professional Development across the St Vincent’s Healthcare group is highly encouraged, and supported.

As part of the EBA nurses work under, there is a certain number of days are allocated per year to professional development.

What Training and Orientation am I given prior to my first shift?

All new employees to Port Phillip Prison will receive a detailed, remunerated orientation and induction program over a two-week period prior to their first shift to ensure that they are comfortable and ready to go. The induction and orientation during this time include:

  • ‘Welcome to Correctional Health’ Orientation

  • Detailed Security Training, specific to the Prison and SVHM.

  • Training Modules on:

    • Inspire to Care, the SVHM Mission

    • Emergency Codes

    • Electronic Medical Records

    • Mandatory Competencies and Training specific for each role type.

  • ‘Buddy’ or ‘Shadow’ Shifts with another member of the team