Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan

Access and Inclusion for People with Disability 2023-2025

The Access and Inclusion Plan for People with Disability (the plan) provides a framework for St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) to become a more accessible service provider and employer. We are working to ensure we align with Inclusive Victoria, the Victorian Government’s Disability Plan 2022-2026.

SVHM developed the plan together with input from patients and staff.

The plan reflects a new vision to create an environment that enables people to access the healthcare they need, breaks down barriers and inspires an inclusive workplace culture. The plan aims to see SVHM as an inclusive place to work and to be cared for.

Our vision and priorities

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) shares a vision ‘to be an inclusive health service that enables full participation for employees and consumers (patients) with disability, underpinned by safe, dignified, equitable access to services, information and facilities.’

Our priorities are to deepen our understanding, elevate lived experience, enable access and inclusion and embed an inclusive organisational culture.

Deepen our understanding

Interrogate our current practice from the perspective of all disabilities to improve equity, build on current success and identify opportunities for improvement

Elevate lived experience

More opportunities for staff and consumers with disability to have meaningful input

Enable access and inclusion

Provide systems and tools so all staff can put our intentions into action

Embed inclusive organisational culture

Equity is embedded in our culture, recruitment, training, service planning and design

Read SVHM’s Access and Inclusion Plan

Access and Inclusion Plan for People with Disability 2023-2025

Plain English Version - Access and Inclusion Plan for People with Disability 2023-2025

Support for people with disability

Do you need support? Find out more about our Disability Support Team and the resources available to patients and visitors.



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