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Supported Grants 

The St Vincent’s Pacific Health Fund provides financial support for a wide variety of projects and activities to improve health care and medical education resources in the Pacific Region.


The Fund has assisted in:

  • providing much-needed equipment to hospitals and clinics
  • supporting clinical exchange programs for health workers
  • supporting the publication of educational resources and training courses
  • providing grants and scholarships to institutions and individuals for specific health projects.


Details of some of our successful grants are included below. 

 Medical equipment


A new ultrasound machine was purchased for Kikori Hospital, Gulf Province, with training and technical support provided by St Vincent’s. Here, Dr Andy Bourne puts the ultrasound to good use.


The Pacific Health Fund donated much-needed paediatric equipment to the National Referral Hospital, Honiara, Solomon Islands




The 9 Mile Clinic, located 9 miles out of
Port Moresby, received funding to purchase much-needed equipment including a 12 lead ECG, a steriliser, a fetal heart rate monitor and basic surgical equipment.



Dr Sam Yockopua one of the three PNG emergency physicians and the director of the Port Moresby ED with equipment donated by the Pacific Health Fund.




Monitoring equipment donated to the Emergency Department National Referral Hospital, Honiara, Solomon Islands.  




 Clinical Exchange Programs


Pictured above: Indonesian nurses Serina Maha, Dede Wirdah Budiastuti and Yumna Netti (pictured above left),  and Dr Rudyanto Sedono (pictured above right) from the Intensive Care Department of the Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusmo (RSCM) Hospital in Jakarta spent a week in St Vincent’s Intensive Care Unit.  



With the support of St Vincent’s Mental Health and Forensicare, registered nurse Raijieli Watituraga and Dr Epi Tamanitoakula from Fiji's Labasa Hospital undertook a four week clinical forensic mental health placement in a range of integrated mental health, community rehabilitation and support services. The program was designed to explore the range of treatment and prevention interventions used in Melbourne, and to explore strategies for integration with primary care services and community agencies, which can be adapted and implemented in Fiji.


Pictured above from left: Tracie Ham, Cynthia Dowell, Maritha Warua, Sheryl Wala, Sue Cowling and Belinda Casboult.


Three nurses from St Vincent’s Emergency Department had a two week clinical placement in Port Moresby Hospital Emergency Department. The nurses provided education sessions, clinical guidance and assistance developing and implementing systems such as triage. Two nurses from PNG then visited St Vincent's Emergency Department for a two week clinical exchange.


Three senior nurses from Port Moresby Hospital's Emergency Department were also sponsored through the Fund to attend the College of Emergency Nurses Australasia (CENA) conference held at the Gold Coast in 2009. 


Pictured above: Gerlinde Haase, (Course leader, second row, fifth from left), and Mr Wayan, Physiotherapist (first row, second from right), and Dr Ahmad from Indonesia (second row, far right). 


The St Vincent’s Physiotherapy Department established links with Indonesia through the Indonesian Department of Health, aimed at assisting in the development of neurological rehabilitation programs throughout Indonesia. Kim Brock, the physio team leader for rehabiliation at St Vincent’s was invited to Indonesia to run postgraduate courses on the Bobath concept for neurologists, rehabilitation physicians, physios and occupational therapists.


The Bobath Concept is a commonly used approach in neurological rehabilitation for assessing and treating individuals following an injury to the central nervous system such as stroke. The long term goal of the project is to have Indonesian physiotherapists attain international accreditation in the Bobath concept, facilitating skill development in neurological rehabilitation across Indonesia.


In February 2010, the Physio Department hosted an Advanced Bobath Course on walking. The Pacific Health Fund provided travel and accomodation support to  Mr Wayan I Gede Suardika, a physiotherapist from the Indonesian tertiary teaching hospital, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Two colleagues accompanied Mr Wayan on his visit to St Vincent’s, Dr Ariza Ahmad, a neurologist and Enny Mulyatsih, a stroke nurse. Mr Wayan gained valuable clinical skills to take back to his colleagues in Indonesia and completed the first stage towards his accredition as a Bobath tutor.  

 Health worker education resources and training


The Yomunka Health Board is made up of lay health worker volunteers who work within communities in the remote highlands of PNG. Board members have participated in a series of Pacific Health Fund public health workshops on a wide variety of relevant and practical issues, including childhood nutrition and domestic violence.



Dr Trelly Samuel Patunvanu is a Ni-Vanuatu emergency doctor currently based in PNG. He is training in emergency medicine, and was supported to undertake emergency ultrasound training in Melbourne.





St Vincent's assisted with the development and delivery of a snakebite course in PNG. 



The Fund supported the printing and publishing of the first textbook on snakebites focusing on PNG. 


A successful grant application for a laptop and projector has assisted Dr Lucas Samoff (pictured above) and the Alotau General Hospital in PNG to provide ongoing Continuous Medical Education to health staff of Milne Bay including doctors, nurses and health extension officers.

In a collaboration with Oil search PNG, internet and intranet facilities were established in the Departments of Surgery and Emergency Medicine.




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