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Mental health 

St Vincent’s Mental Health (MH) is a comprehensive adult area mental health service for people aged between 16-64 years who live in the inner urban east area of Melbourne (Cities of Yarra and Boroondara).   

Ms Bridget Organ

Manager Mental Health  

Tel: 9231 4396

A/Prof Peter Bosanac

Director of Clinical Services

Tel: 9231 4329

Prof David Castle

Professor of Psychiatry

Tel: 9231 4751

Ms Anna Love

Director of Nursing

Tel: 9231 2009

Ms Jill Jukes

Group Manager Residential & MH Aged Care

Tel: 9231 8454

Acute Inpatient Services (AIS)
A 44 bed unit providing short-term inpatient treatment for people during the acute phase of mental illness, including a 6 bed extra care unit for people with more intensive needs.

The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service can access up to 5 beds for Koori patients from across Victoria.
Tel: 9231 4666 or 9231 4777

Crisis, Assessment & Treatment Service (CATS), Emergency Department Mental Health (EDMH) & Psychiatric Triage

Psychiatric triage provides advice, information, referral and assessment (24 hours / 7 days), as well as consultation to CATS and intensive community-based treatment for people in the acute phase of psychiatric illness. An extended triage function provides short term support for people until they are engaged with appropriate primary care or private psychiatry services. 

Tel: 1300 558 862

Clarendon (City of Yarra) and Hawthorn (City of Boroondara) Community Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Provides a range of clinical and therapeutic services within an integrated system of multidisciplinary care including continuing care services, mobile support and treatment services and a homeless person's mental health service. Specialist early psychosis services are embedded within programs. 

Tel: 9417 5696 (City of Yarra – Clarendon Clinic)

       9882 9299 (City of Boroondara – Hawthorn Clinic)

MH Primary Intervention & Care Team (PICT) and MH Hospital Admission Reduction Program (HARP)
MH PICT provides education and support to primary health providers around the treatment of people with high-prevalence disorders (e.g. anxiety and depression) and young people at risk of developing a mental illness. MH HARP provides mental health care, short-term intensive case support, referral and re-orientation to primary care providers for individuals presenting frequently to St Vincent's Emergency Department.
Tel: 9231 4432

Footbridge Community Care Unit

A 20 bed community residential service located in Fitzroy that provides 24 hour nursing/allied health support aimed at improving clients living skills, level of independence and quality of life. 

Tel: 9481 5644

North Fitzroy Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC)
PARC is a 10 bed short-term residential sub-acute treatment service providing support as either a step down option from inpatient services or more intensive care for clients receiving community-based support from St Vincent's Mental Health Services.
Tel: 8481 3800

Body Image Eating Disorders Treatment & Recovery Service (BETRS)

BETRS offers a community-based outpatient service for people with eating disorders, their families and carers. The service is linked to the Austin Health inpatient specialist eating disorder unit. Anyone over the age of 18 years who thinks they may have an eating disorder or body image problem is encouraged to contact BETRS following a discussion with their doctor or health professional. 
Tel: 9231 5700
Intake: 9231 5718 (9:30am - 11:30am Mon-Fri)

Aged psychiatry

For patients aged 65 years and older, St Vincent’s offers an aged psychiatry service located at the St George’s campus in Kew.

Referrals Tel: 9816 0443 (Mon-Fri - business hours)

After hours (psychiatric triage): 1300 558 862

Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS)

Austin Health provides a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for people aged 16 years and under living in the inner urban east catchment area.

Referrals Tel: 9496 3620 (Mon-Fri - business hours) 
After hours (information, assessment, referral)
Tel: 1300 558 862 (St Vincent's psychiatric triage)

Additional services: 

Direct Line – Drug and Alcohol Service

Direct Line is located at Turning Point and offers a 24 hour, 7 day a week service to consumers and clinicians. Direct Line is a state-wide provider of counselling, information and referral information and has an extensive database of providers for Drug and Alcohol Services.

Tel: 1800 888 236

The Victorian Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS)

DACAS is a specialist telephone consultancy service for health and welfare professionals and is free of charge. Consultation is provided by professional counsellors from the Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre and addiction medicine specialists.  
Tel: 9418 1011 (Turning Point administrative enquiries)

Tel: 1800 812 804 (24 hour phone service for health professionals)





Areas of interest

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211