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Breast and general surgery 

Incorporating the University of Melbourne, Department of Surgery

Referrals welcomed for patients with:

·       Breast disease

·       Hernia

·       In-grown toe nails  

St Vincent’s General Surgery Clinic is unable to offer treatment for the following:

·       Breast enhancement or reduction

·       Stomach stapling

·       Varicose veins

·       Hand problems

·       Vasectomy

Please note: We require referrals for breast conditions, benign and malignant. Physical examination and imaging results are to be included in the referral. This will assist with triage and facilitate the efficient management of patients.


We see patients at high risk of breast cancer as defined by the Cancer Australia guidelines on breast cancer - available through the website below. Specific referral guidelines are included.


Patients will not be accepted for imaging in the absence of a specific symptom.

Well women checks without a specific question will not be accepted.

If you have any concerns about referrals please contact the Breast Care Nurse on
Tel: 9231 2211.

Visit the Cancer Australia website to access resources for GPs.

Senior staff

Prof Michael Henderson


Tel: (03) 9231 2545

Mr Patrick Hayes

General and Breast Surgeon/Head of Clinic

Tel: (03) 9231 2545

Mr Stephen Farrell

Endocrine Surgeon

Tel: (03) 8415 1655

Ms Jane Harding

Endocrine and General Surgeon

Tel: (03) 9231 2549

Ms Christina Foley

Breast and Endocrine

Dr Kirti Mehta


Tel: (03) 9231 4300

A/Prof Prue Hill


Tel: (03) 9231 4549

Dr Melissa Moore

Medical Oncologist

Tel: (03) 9231 2211

A/Prof Boon Chua

Radiation Oncologist

Tel: (03) 9231 2211

Ms Mary Anne Banting

Breast Care Nurse

Tel: (03) 9231 2211
Pager: 294


Clinic times

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211