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St George's Clinics 

Cognitive Dementia And Memory Service (CDAMS)

CDAMS is a specialist diagnostic service for people over the age of 50 who are concerned about memory loss or thinking changes.


CDAMS provides:

  • expert clinical diagnosis
  • information on appropriate treatments
  • education, support and information 
  • future planning advice 
  • links for clients or their family to other service providers or community supports
  • care that responds to the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, using interpreters when appropriate
  • access to a Geriatric Medical Clinic at St George's 







Referral templates for Aged Care & Community  Services:

Paper version
Best Practice template
Medical Director template
ZedMed template

Tel:  (03) 9231 8577          
Fax: (03) 9817 5325

Falls and Balance clinic

The Falls and Balance clinic is a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic where people with balance issues attend for an assessment. The assessment takes about two and a half hours and the person is assessed by a geriatrician, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a podiatrist.


Following this assessment, recommendations and referrals are made with the aim of reducing the person’s risk of falling. The Falls and Balance clinic runs on a Wednesday morning at St George’s. It is free of charge.

Tel:  (03) 9231 8660
Fax: (03) 9231 8661

Geriatric Medical Clinic

The Geriatric Medical Clinic provides a service for older people including:

  • managing complex physical, mental and social issues 
  • comprehensive geriatric assessment 
  • identifying the cause of physical or mental decline 
  • diagnosis and management of any medical problem 
  • medication review

Tel:  (03) 9231 8577          
Fax: (03) 9817 5325

Continence Clinic

This clinic offers a multidisciplinary team approach to bladder and bowel dysfunction. Staff include continence nurses and a physiotherapist, a geriatrician and clerical support staff. We also liaise with and refer to other allied health practitioners in the organisation such as dietitians, podiatrists, occupational therapists and the Falls and Balance clinic.


Clients to our service are offered a comprehensive assessment with the aim of identifying underlying issues and factors contributing to the incontinence. Our team aims to treat and resolve the incontinence. If this is not possible we aim to maximise comfort and dignity for the individual, with the use of various aids and appliances.


The clinic runs Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm.

Tel:  (03) 9231 8577
Fax: (03) 9817 5325

Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment Clinic

Under law, a person is obliged to notify VicRoads if they have a medical condition that MAY impair their ability to drive safely. The Driving Clinic at St Vincent’s Community Rehabilitation Centre provides specialist assessment to establish a person’s ability to drive safely or obtain a licence. This assessment will assist to improve skills and may identify aids and modifications required to drive safely.


A VicRoads Medical Report Form for Drivers is required prior to undertaking the assessment. This should be sent with the referral.



  • Occupational Therapist $220  (Pensioner Discount $200) – includes off road, on road and report elements
  • Driving instructor and car $75-80

Tel:  (03) 9231 8660         
Fax: (03) 9231 8661  


For further information on assessing fitness to drive visit:

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211