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Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) 


St Vincent’s has Geriatric Evaluation and Management units at Fitzroy and St George's in Kew. The Fitzroy GEM Unit comprises 22 beds and is located on the 3rd floor of the Bolte Wing. The St George’s GEM Unit comprises 30 beds and is located on the 1st floor of St George’s.

Both units offer comprehensive multidisciplinary management of elderly patients with a range of geriatric medical problems and complex care needs.


Tel:   (03) 9816 0444
Fax:  (03) 9816 0560


Dr Emerald Ong  Geriatrician Tel: (03) 9816 0444
Dr Benny Katz Geriatrician Tel: (03) 9816 0444







41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211