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Palliative Care Services 

Inpatient Services

Caritas Christi (St Vincent’s) provides a range of services across its two inpatient facilities, has established links to the community and provides a range of support services. Our multidisciplinary team includes medical and nursing staff, a social worker, psycho-oncology support, occupational therapy, pastoral care, music and art therapy.

Our clinical services support and participate in many research activities of the St Vincent’s based Centre for Palliative Care Education and Research.

Admissions to both inpatient wards are coordinated through the admissions coordinator.


Tel: (03) 9853 2344

Caritas Christi Patient Referral Form


St Vincent’s Palliative Care Consultancy Service

The service supports palliative inpatients and outpatients throughout St Vincent’s and supports both cancer patients and those whose illness is not malignant. Key activities include symptom control, care and discharge planning, decision making, care of the dying and provision of information. It supports ward staff caring for palliative patients as well as staff from generalist wards.

The consultancy service provides education and training for both junior and senior medical and nursing staff from generalist wards. This service is of benefit to those patients still having treatment for their disease but who are in transition to palliative care. Decision making is crucial at this stage of an illness.

Our clinical services support and participate in many research activities of the St Vincent’s based Centre for Palliative Care Education and Research.


Contact: Clinical Nurse Consultant

Tel: (03) 9288 2827

Palliative Care Consult Referral Form


Ambulatory Care Service

Ambulatory care outpatient services have two specialist clinics. The services assist community service providers and hospital units in the treatment of complex conditions. They also aid in the transition between inpatient and home and in the referral of clients to appropriate services.


Palliative Care

One session per week, 2nd floor Healy Wing


Contact: Oncology Secretary

Tel: (03) 9288 3155

Palliative Care Consult Referral Form



Psycho-oncology services at St Vincent’s (including Caritas Christi) are provided to oncology, haematology, surgical oncology and palliative care units by two sessional psychiatrists and a psychologist who provides sessional services to palliative care patients only.


The service offers inpatient and outpatient consultation, consultation with family members of inpatients, staff support and educational sessions.


Dr Clifton’s outpatient clinic

Thursday 1.00pm–4.30pm (will review urgent referrals after clinic)


Contact: Administration Secretary

Tel: (03) 9288 2057

Psycho-Oncology Outpatient Referral Form

Psycho-Oncology Clinic Guidelines

Domiciliary Palliative Care Services

Domiciliary Palliative Care Services are regionalised. Please review the directory

to find the domiciliary service nearest you.

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211