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Remuneration and conditions 

 All nurses employed within Victorian public hospitals work under the Victorian Nurses Award, so pay rates and conditions are the same across the state.

Accrued Day Off (ADO)

Full time employees accrue approximately 4 ADO hours each fortnight. This results in you accruing enough hours during a month to have one extra paid day off per roster.

Annual leave

You will accrue 6 weeks paid annual leave during your graduate year if you work full time, and this leave must be taken during the program.

Pay rates

* Registered Nurse Grade 2 - Year 1 weekly base salary is $1034.30 before tax.

Penalty Rates

* Weekend rates are time and a half. Public holiday rates are double time. Each afternoon shift worked is an extra $25.90. Each night duty shift worked is an extra $69.40.

Salary packaging

Salary packaging is a way of restructuring your income to make the most of your pre-tax salary. You are able to nominate that pre-tax income is taken out of your salary to pay for items such as mortgage, rent or personal loan repayments, private health insurance, utility bills, car parking, private restaurant meals (and many other options). You then pay tax on the remainder of your earnings only. It is easy to set up with our onsite consultant who speaks to  graduates during orientation.

Sick leave

You are entitled to 12 sick days per year. Three of these can be taken without providing a medical certificate.

Uniform/laundry allowance

* St Vincent’s has a corporate uniform, with a wide selection of garments to choose from. Staff are required to purchase their own uniform. You will receive fortnightly allowances of $15.22 for uniform and $4.14 for laundry, and you are able to claim additional uniform expenses on your annual tax return.
* Please note these pay rates and allowances are based on the Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Sector) (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement 2012-2016.
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