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Code of Conduct 

St Vincent's Code of Conduct is designed to help employees understand their responsibilities and obligations and to provide guidance where an employee is faced with an ethical dilemma or conflict of interest.

All employees are required to perform their duties in a spirit of commitment to our values of compassion, justice, excellence, human dignity and unity.

Employees are required to become familiar with the Code of Conduct and observe its provisions.

The Code of Conduct covers:

  • acceptance of gifts or benefits
  • alcohol and drugs
  • conflict of interest
  • dress and appearance
  • equal opportunity and non discrimination
  • fairness
  • financial probity and accountability
  • grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • outside employment
  • personal and professional behaviour and conduct
  • political participation
  • public comment and disclosure of official information
  • security of official information
  • use of official resources
  • professional registration/credentialing.



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