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St Vincent’s is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and providing an environmentally sustainable campus for current and future staff, patients and visitors. Our Environmental Services team continues to innovate with new approaches to sustainability at St Vincent’s including waste, recycling, green procurement, green transport, energy management and water conservation.



Expanding recycling

St Vincent’s has a comprehensive recycling program including paper, cardboard, polystyrene, mattresses, batteries and mobile phones. In 2008–09 St Vincent’s recycled 314.98 tonnes of paper and cardboard. Polystyrene recycling commenced in 2009 and already 102.5 cubic metres have been recycled.


Branch and sky

Clearing the air

St Vincent’s Hospital does not discharge any emissions from combustible products. St George’s and Caritas Christi Hospice have packaged boilers. The emissions comply with EPA and gas authority requirements.

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