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Aboriginal healthcare 



St Vincent’s recognises Indigenous Australians as the traditional custodians of our lands, and we seek to create a safe and welcoming hospital environment for Aboriginal patients and their families.

St Vincent’s employs dedicated Aboriginal Liaison Officers who can be contacted on (03) 9288 3436.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patient Quality Improvement Framework and Toolkit for Hospital Staff

This toolkit was originally created by the Improving the Culture of Hospitals Project and assists hospitals in taking a quality improvement approach to improving their services for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. This Framework and Toolkit has been enhanced and updated. If you require additional information please contact John Willis at SVHA


Aboriginal Health Program 

St Vincent's is continually looking for ways to improve its services to the Aboriginal community. The key elements of the program include the Koori Hospital Liaison Officer Program that was established at St Vincent’s in 1982, funded by the Koori Health Unit in the Department of Human Service (now known as the Department of Health). Since the mid 1990s the program has had full-time Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers based at St Vincent’s to improve access for Aboriginal people.


The Aboriginal Health Advisory Committee is the primary mechanism used to improve health services for the Aboriginal community. Working in partnership, membership of this committee includes CEOs of Aboriginal community controlled health organisations along with hospital executives and clinical managers.

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211