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Quality Improvement Toolkit 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patient Quality Improvement Toolkit for Hospital Staff

The health status of Indigenous peoples is a global concern with mortality and hospitalisation data indicating that the health of indigenous groups falls below that of other ethnic groups within their countries.  From an Australian perspective, Aboriginal people generally have higher rates of hypertension, heart disease, respiratory ailments, stroke, diabetes, cancer and renal failure.


This toolkit has been designed to give hospitals a systematic approach to improving Aboriginal health service delivery.

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Who created the toolkit?

This toolkit was developed by The Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (now the Lowitja Institute), The Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia, La Trobe University and Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit.

Things to consider before getting started

The toolkit encourages organisations to take a systematic approach to change. There are a number of things to consider about your organisation before getting started. You will need to determine who to involve and how to get support from within your organisation to maximisef the chance of success. Starting small and following the process step-by-step is recommended.

Why is the toolkit important?

Implementing this toolkit has the potential to set in place a process for continuous quality improvement around cultural reform in hospitals.

This process will take time but will build the capacity and sustainability of both the hospital and their local communities to make a real difference in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

How to use the toolkit

This toolkit has been designed with the intention that a systematic approach is taken to improving Aboriginal health service delivery.

It is recommended that you work your way through the different Continuous Quality Improvement Process steps as outlined in the left hand toolbar of this website.


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