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Process 3  

Cultural information is given to the hospital Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)  


    1.   AQI role prepares an appropriate cultural awareness package for the QIC

    2.   Understanding of and providing support to the AQI role


 Key component

That non-Aboriginal staff gain an awareness of the unique pressures associated with undertaking the AQI or an ALO role. That Aboriginal cultural information including community feedback and hospital data is given to people who are culturally aware and that staff are aware of the impact of a lack of culturally appropriate care.



1.    To ensure that all mainstream staff who become involved in Aboriginal health and become part of any QIC/working group are culturally safe to work with, each member needs to undertake some cultural awareness training. This may vary depending on what is available within the hospital/local community/through the ALOs. Some hospitals have a range of internally facilitated cultural awareness workshops, others purchase in external facilitators and other hospitals have arranged for key staff to attend conferences/visit agencies to broaden their understanding of the issues. Some areas to consider when coordinating an education package for the hospital QIC members may include:

a.    cultural awareness training;

b.    the impact of a lack of cultural awareness on Aboriginal health outcomes; and

c.    the value of data of different types from an Aboriginal cultural perspective and understanding how this feedback is useful for developing a systemic approach to improving cultural sensitivity.

2.    Many non-Aboriginal staff have not worked closely with their Aboriginal colleagues within the hospital setting and are unaware of the pressures associated with carrying out this role. ALO’s have different areas of responsibility including work required by the hospital they work for but also cultural responsibilities to the community they are a part of. Understanding how to provide culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal staff is fundamental to ensuring a hospital can make long-term sustainable change in the area of Aboriginal health. This process step includes information on how to appropriately support Aboriginal staff and the responsibilities that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff have in this process. 




Questions to consider for this step

a)    Is there any specific local, regional or state information that should be included in any cultural awareness training or information for mainstream staff? What has been the experience from other hospitals?

a)    Are you aware of the unique pressures associated with being an Aboriginal staff member within the hospital environment?

b)    What might a support plan look like and what process should be used to develop it?


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