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Process 7  

Proposed solution is agreed to by all key stakeholders and problem solving strategy is implemented


1.    Action plan is developed

2.    Final report is produced at the conclusion of the project outlining actions undertaken and changes implemented


Key component

Development of an action plan with those responsible for each step identified and agreement sought to undertake tasks required.



1.    The solution that is developed to address an issue should be locally driven and agreed to. The case examples provided in this section are to provide ideas on what type of responses have been developed elsewhere but do not mandate a particular solution. An identified solution to address an issue is agreed to be trialled by hospital staff, management, Aboriginal community and government where relevant. The proposed solution is often outlined in a project or action plan where each component of the project is identified, along with the person responsible for undertaking that task and the time period for it to be completed. This process includes examples of action plans developed by hospitals to respond to cultural issues and also how this plan links to Commonwealth Government policy.

2.    At the end of the quality improvement process a final report is developed to outline what was planned and then implemented as part of the project.


Questions to consider for this step

a)    Is the proposed solution and action plan achievable and realistic?

b)    Has the proposed solution been presented to all relevant people within the hospital system for approval?

c)    Has the view and agreement of the Aboriginal community been sought in regards to the proposed solution?

d)    How does the proposed solution reflect the hospital’s strategic directions and/or regional, state, nations goals for Aboriginal health?


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