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Process 5  

Quality Improvement Committee seeks to understand the experience from a cultural perspective

1. Aboriginal people (members or comunity people) explain the consultation findings.

Key component

That hospital staff listen to and seek to understand the views of Aboriginal patients, community members and staff on their experiences of hospital care.



1.    The QIC needs to seek cultural advice and this may include knowledge from the current Aboriginal staff at the hospital but should also involve the advice from the CEO of the local Aboriginal community controlled health organisation/service and/or Elders and community members. This is in acknowledgement that Aboriginal staff may be limited in what they can say. Doctors and nurses with Aboriginal cultural experience should also be utilised in this process. The issue/s in question may be viewed from different perspectives with the focus of this part of the process being to look at the issue/s from an Aboriginal cultural context. This process step includes guidelines and case examples that highlight the importance of a cultural perspective. The same issue may be viewed quite differently from an Aboriginal perspective.


Questions to consider for this step

a)    What options does the Quality Improvement Committee have to further develop its understanding of the nature of the problem?

b)    What can the Aboriginal members of the QIC working group play?

c)    Did the process of gaining cultural feedback make sense?

d)    Was the justification outlining why this is necessary outlined clearly enough?


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