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Process 4 

Quality Improvement Committee examines information from Aboriginal staff  


1.            Understand and explore feedback from data gathered through engagement with the Aboriginal community

2.            Examination of Aboriginal patient hospital data

3.            Understand and explore Aboriginal patient stories and experiences


Key component

That gathering data from different sources is important in understanding the complete story.



1.    Gathering feedback from the Aboriginal community is crucial to understanding their concerns and then generating culturally appropriate solutions. This may be done in various ways but must include feedback from Aboriginal staff including ALOs. Feedback may include consulting Aboriginal community health services/organisations and gathering some formal feedback on their views of hospital care. This may be focused on a specific area, for example, cardiac services, social work or emergency, or it may be hospital wide. It may also include conversations with individual community members or staff on their experiences. 

2.    Examination of hospital data on Aboriginal patient presentations is important but there are several areas of concern in relation to it. The data may not be the complete picture as not all Aboriginal people are correctly identified and improving accuracy may be a good first step. Also the data initially collected may not be sufficient so discussion by the QIC on what additional data may be required is another important step. It is also useful to identify what regular data should be collected to ensure an ongoing continuous quality improvement process is put in place.

3.    Patient stories and experiences must be explored and understood as they are the most import component. They can also be supplemented by undertaking a file audit. There is a need to dig deeper beyond the numbers and examine the experiences of Aboriginal patients.


Questions to consider for this step

a)    How will we ensure that the Aboriginal perspective is understood by the QIC/working group?

b)    How might we establish a baseline so that any improvements can be measured?

c)    As hospital data is collated how do we consider what regular data would be useful to collate and present to the QIC on a regular basis?


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