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Process 8 

Hospital experience of Aboriginal patients is assessed again to see if improvement has occurred


1.    Review effectiveness of the solution that was implemented

2.    Ensure Aboriginal community members and Aboriginal hospital staff are consulted on their views on effectiveness


Key component

Review the outcome of the implementation strategy undertaken.



1.    This process step is one of the most important, as many projects do not necessarily bring about the change that was anticipated. This does not mean that no learnings can be derived from the initiative. Important learnings are likely, and the initiative may provide an opportunity for all parties to develop greater trust in working in partnership for future initiatives. Also, it can be perceived from a hospital perspective that beneficial change has occurred but without consulting with Aboriginal people any improvements are unlikely to be sustainable. This process has similar components to Process 2 but focuses on a review of the intervention undertaken.

2.    Traditional approaches to gaining consumer feedback are often ineffective when approaching Aboriginal community members and it is important to involve Aboriginal hospital staff (ALOs) in the process for it to be effective.


Questions to consider for this step

a)    How do you know the solution you implemented has worked?

b)    If unsuccessful have there been any positive outcomes?

c)    How to present data to the Aboriginal community?


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