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Process 9  

Developing policy


Key components

1. An education process on changes that assist with improving cultural sensitivity for health service Boards.

2. Clinical governance responsibilities for maintaining cultural sensitivity.

3. Package to assist with the broader consolidatipon of new policies/procedures throughout the hospital.


Questions to consider for this process step:

a) What is the connection between cultural sensitivity and health outcomes

b) How might outcomes from Aboriginal-specific quality improvement projects be implemented into hospital policy?

c) How have other hospitals undertaken Aboriginal-focused quality improvement projects?



Hospital Board members should receive the whole toolkit as background information. A separate sample presentation has also been provided to assist with communication. other elements in this process include a brief case study that highlights the trianing undertaken by Board members to assist them in supporting Aboriginal health policy developments within their hospital. Examples of the complete quality improvement cycle are included. It should be noted that detailed case studies of hospitals implementing this toolkit are still outstanding and require further research.



The successful strategy needs to be formally endorsed by hospital management through the creation of new policies and procedures. This outcome also needs to be acknowledge and celebrate both within the hospital and the Aboriginal community.


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