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Before getting started 

Guide to Implementing the AQIFTHS

How to use this AQIFTHS

1. Implementing the AQIFTHS has the potential to set in place a process for continuous quality improvement to achieve cultural reform in hospitals. This process will take time but will build the capacity and sustainability of both the hospital and their local communities to make a real difference in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health including opportunities for local communities to develop strategies in partnership with the hospital in their area. read more

Where to begin – Some starting questions and general points

Read through the toolkit first and then consider these general questions:

General questions
1. What other quality improvement projects has your hospital undertaken before? These projects might be known as Clinical practice improvement projects, Patient journey projects, LEAN thinking or Redesigning care projects. What can you learn from these? Who can assist you? read more

What is Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement is a process where the activities that are currently undertaken, are reviewed, and changes put in place to improve performance.

Best Practice - Proactive Quality Improvement
This is about introducing new ideas, aiming for excellence, re-designing processes and benchmarking (looking at research and literature, conference presentations and comparing ourselves with other similar programs or organisations). read more


Quality Improvement Activities: Some Basics – What Usually Happens?

1. Previous work
Review and reflect on previous activity: what worked well, what needs attention? Consult with Aboriginal staff including ALOs, community and patients. Identify the issues.

2. What information do you need?
A questionnaire, a survey, data collection? Other? Perhaps undertake a Discussion/Brainstorming session with your colleagues.
What are some of the gaps we know about? read more

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Quality Improvement Framework and Toolkit for Hospital Staff (AQIFTHS)


The AQIFTHS was developed by the Improving the Culture of Hospitals Project which examined hospitals that were performing well in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The project explored successful programs undertaken by hospitals, within a quality improvement framework, to see how this could be replicated and sustained across a wide range of hospital environments. read more

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