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Prof Mark Cook named new University of Melbourne Chair of Medicine at St Vincent's


Prof Cook is a highly respected clinician, teacher, mentor and researcher who is recognised internationally for his expertise in epilepsy management. Most recently Prof Cook and Assoc Prof Michael Murphy led the team that achieved a world first with the implanting of a trial device designed to predict seizures.


After studying at the University of Melbourne and starting his medical career at St Vincent’s, Prof Cook undertook an MD thesis while working as Brain Research Fellow at Queen Square, London. He returned to St Vincent’s to continue his interest in neuroimaging in epilepsy. Under his leadership, both the research and clinical components of the Neurology Department at St Vincent’s have been significantly enlarged.


As Head of Neurology, Prof Cook has developed close collaborations with other specialties including neurosurgery, psychiatry and neuropsychology. These collaborations have fostered the development and success of innovative techniques including the provision of interactive three-dimensional images for surgical teams through implanted cerebral electrodes and new methods of sedation and testing for awake stimulation of the brain during surgery.


A Strategic Technology and Innovation Grant with a commercial focus has been his major activity over the past four years, concerned with the development of an implantable device to treat epilepsy and novel, polymer-based drug delivery systems.


Prof Cook’s vision as the new Chair of Medicine at St Vincent’s is to enhance the existing clinical and research links between the hospital, the University and surrounding research institutes. He will also work to develop the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery. Based on his professional achievements to date I have no doubt that Prof Cook’s leadership and innovation in clinical care, research and teaching will take our Department of Medicine to even greater heights.

41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. Phone: (03) 9288 2211